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DJ Matteo Maddè, vincitore Wedding Awards 2018
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I start as a young man to get closer to the music world. At only 12 years I perform for the first time in front of an audience and at 16 years I start to collaborate with several venues as DJ supporter.

After several experiences, in 2000, I started a collaboration with one of the most renowned agencies in Italy the ' ' BEN8 DJ's TEAM  ' by Umberto Benotto and I begin to perform in Italy and abroad in venues such as: Hollywood (Milan), Lotvs (Milan), Square (Milan), Sonnambula (PC), Avila (PC), Alcatraz (Pv), For You (Salsomaggiore), Dogana Serafini (PC), Zero (Varese), Crhist (Cuneo), Continental (Como), Caprice (PC), Soleluna (PV), Mulino della Frega (PV), etc...

In 2010 I am performing at the LIVE ARENA in Switzerland where I am the great DJ ALEX Gaudino. I also collaborate with Radio 105 Network for a tour sponsored by Jack Daniel's in Rimini.

In the meantime I move the first steps as a producer for several record companies and later, as author and composer of various songs. One of my productions, Merengue, sung by Elisa B-side is broadcast in the Mediaset television networks as a disconnect from the transmission Velone (summer transmission conducted by Enzo Iacchetti).

In 2010 meeting Jean Diarra, singer of the disc Ininna Tora (International success of 2008); Together we give life to a new song titled FIRE. The song immediately captures the attention of DJ GABRY PONTE who decides to collaborate with us and produce it with his record company Dance and Love. The song also comes in the compilation of Radio 105 Network:  "Panic fear compilation " distributed by UNIVERSAL! Currently the song FIRE has more than 600 ' 000 hits on YouTube.

I continue to perform on the premises both in Italy and abroad. In 2011, the voice of Jean Diarra was also an excerpt from the title ' ' Warraba ' ' which entered the MUSIC CONTEST of the Chiambretti SUNDAY SHOW; My recent production of 2012 along with JEAN Diarra titled READY PEOPLE.

I currently collaborate with various event agencies both in the north and in southern Italy. My DJ sets are always characterized by strong energy and vary according to the audience that I am facing. A real musical chameleon able to adapt easily and skillfully depending on the situation in which it is!

In 2013 I started a collaboration with the MADONNA di CAMPIGLIO SUISSE where I am present at the console during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. I participated as a DJ in evenings with the presence of famous DJs such as Albertino (radio deejay), Precious (radio deejay), Tommy Vee, Gianni Morri, Nello Simioli, Alex Gaudino, Carmine Sorrentino, Joe T Vannelli, Stefano Pain and many others...
Matteo Maddé Matrimonio chic
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